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August 09 2017

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{170810} @nctnightnight instagram update: 태민 DJ의 전신샷을 모아모아🌝#이태민이태민이태민#내일은 #쟌디재디보러 #놀러와요 #재쟈요 #나잇나잇🌙

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sbs power fm - night night radio ♡ 170809
translation: juju_home / notbaesuji

taemin said that he got emotional at jonghyun’s agit (ie: the letter, his recent concert series) seeing fans take part / joining jonghyun in singing his ballads. he also said that he has respect for jonghyun for being creative (with his concerts).

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— ❀ Lee TaeMin ; 140826. ©Fantasister.

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— ❀ Lee TaeMin ; 160619. ©ITaem.

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You’re 1 of 1 girl 🎶

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キボミっていうか ビョング・・・ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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jjong can’t anymore, onew
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161014 tei’s dreaming radio
© withtaemindo not edit! (1 / 2)

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you just gotta love minkey’s phone calls

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kwon ho chang, an engenireeing student who does not know anything about love. because of my autistic tendencies, i can not make eye contact well with others, so i have a lingering pain from my school days. did a sick mind recognize another sick mind? ye eun (han seung yeon), who is traumatized due to date violence, will recognize the wound of a person at a glance. the story line expected to happen when two sick young people meet, share their struggles, and help heal each other.

onew: i’ve seen “age of youth” before; i watched it until the eight episode (in one sitting) before i realized how much time had passed and i enjoyed it very much. i indirectly conveyed excitement for joining “age of youth 2”.  ho chang has a bright side on the outside, but the wound that he has from his childhood remains like a scar. i hope that ho chang and ye eun will be able to take care of each other’s injuries.

the first episode will be broadcast on friday, august 25th at 11pm kst.


August 08 2017

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Jinki & Minsuk at the script reading of Age of Youth 2

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choi minho, perpetual energy personified

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