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February 04 2018


The fbi man behind my webcam whenever I reblog “fbi man who’s spying on me” memes:


February 02 2018


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빛이 나


February 01 2018

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if angels are real, then your wings are pink~


ask your doctor if the moon is causing all this

January 31 2018


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Always incredible to witness something like this. Shoutout to everyone that pulled an all nighter to see this. Captured just outside of Wichita, Kansas.

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Who wore it better? Jonghyun vs Barny 

I made this for you @jonghyun-kun 



The creators of “Sherlock” now have gotta jump on this trend and bust out SHINee in the middle of an episode, they just gotta

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January 30 2018

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sensitive puppy

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Key’s unforgettable moment with Lee Sooman

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sometimes I feel guilty for skipping songs on my phone like I’m sorry song I love you I’m just not in the mood for you I’ll come back later though.

the greatest joy of love
is this: you give everything
you have, yet you are never
empty of light, and of love
s.g // always overflowing with light (via verbosities)
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goodnight i love ljk kjh kkb cmh ltm with my whole heart and left kidney

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