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October 12 2017

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171012 Xtra Cam - polaroids from Taemin’s trip with his friends

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The struggling of a cooking Minho

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bumkeyk shooting!!!! @singlesmagazine


Taemin :

Me :

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October 11 2017

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a smol cutesy doodle I did to celebrate one year of 1 of 1, the first shinee era I have witnessed as a shawol :’( time flies I’m cri

I was born in 1991, just about one and a half month before kibum, so I guess I can call myself a true 90’s kid™. as such, getting an era like 1 of 1 was like christmas coming in october

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anyway i cant wait for koharu’s comeback…….

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© mint lips | please do not edit (hq)
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AllKpop trying to gain my sympathy with that Yoogun article : Not today bitch

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choi minho, perpetual energy personified

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October 10 2017

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Did someone give Taemin the SHINee instagram password?

shinee 안녕하세요 태민이에요! 정말 설레게 준비했고 여러분도 애타게 기다렸던 저의 정규2집이 곧 발매됩니다ㅎㅎ
막상 다가오니 긴장되지만 그래도 함께 좋은 추억 쌓으면서 같이 외롭지 않은 가을을 보내요^^

trans ~ Hello this is Taemin! My second full album, which I prepared with excitement and you all desperately waited for will be released soon ㅎㅎ Now that it is actually happening I am nervous but let’s build good memories together and spend a not so lonely autumn ^^

trans cr: @omggminho

shinee instagram updates 171010

October 09 2017

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taemin teaser — second album move

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TAEMIN 태민 Teaser Clip #1

I literally just typed “have a good dia” taemin got my brain overheating like


Me watching taemin’s teaser and going through SHINee’s insta:

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