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May 19 2018

some thoughts about this DVD thing


Although I think the motives behind this hashtag aren’t so pure, I do think there are some people who are genuinely upset or conflicted about the release of SHINee’s most recent Dome concert. So I just wanted to say something, not necessarily to yell at anyone but just to offer my own perspective.

I went to the Osaka concerts. That doesn’t give me any greater authority here, but it does mean I’ve seen the entire concert that’ll be released.

It was a really difficult concert in a lot of ways. I wrote fanaccounts for both nights if you want to check out a more detailed report. But it was obviously an emotion-filled concert, and I felt a complicated mix of pain and comfort when they were over. 

It was also a really beautiful tribute. I couldn’t have imagined they’d do such an amazing job of memorializing Jonghyun and affirming again and again that SHINee will always have five members. 

We all want SM to get off their asses and put a permanent memorial together. We want the media to get their shit together and stop writing inaccurate or insensitive things. We want people to remember Jonghyun for who he was and not the tragedy they imagine him to be.

But I’ve said this before — we can’t depend on other people for that. We’re the ones who are going to have to keep him with us. SHINee and Shawols are the only ones who are going to be able to keep SHINee as five.

So I think back on this tribute of a concert, and I don’t want it to be lost and forgotten. I don’t want it to go away like SM’s temporary memorial. It’s part of our history now. I don’t think there’s a single one of us who wants it to be, but it is. And I don’t want to forget things just because they’re hard. 

I understand being afraid of people outside the fandom gawking at our grief. I don’t like it either. But again, we can’t control their actions. We can only control ourselves.

A few other miscellaneous things:

1) UMJ/SM/SHINee have already made the bulk of the money for these concerts. Ticket sales generate more profit than DVD sales. Handwringing over profit-making at this point is a little too late.

2) Please don’t deny SHINee’s agency. They’re veteran idols and they have more control over their activities than a new group. They could’ve cancelled the concert, but decided to go ahead with it. They knew a DVD was being recorded and would be sold. It’s easier to blame the companies, but they’re not the only ones with decision making power here.

3) I think fans who couldn’t attend the concert (which is a LOT of people) deserve the chance to see the concert if they want to.

4) Don’t deflect that trending this hashtag doesn’t affect SHINee. It’s hurtful. They’ve been really brave in public, but we’re not privy to all their doubts and insecurities in private. Let’s not act like this isn’t all scary for them. Helping trend a hashtag that you know antis and akgaes are on is not cool, and I think you should take another look at what you’re doing. 


Y’know, if you’re not ready for this dvd release, I 100% respect that. No one is pressuring you to buy it, that’s a decision only you can make. I’m not really ready myself, but the hate that UMJ is receiving is uncalled for. 

SHINee undoubtedly had a say in this release. They had four months to decide if they wanted it released. There are shawols who attended or didn’t attend the dome concerts who need this. We’re all grieving differently and you have no right to take this away from fans who need/want this dvd. OTKM might need this as well, especially with Jinki enlisting. 

Don’t forget that these concerts were not planned after Jonghyun left us; UMJ had expected to film it before the events of December and it was not a situation where they jumped on an opportunity to profit off of his death. Don’t forget that they are grieving too and they care about SHINee. Not everything SM or UMJ does post mortem is with malicious intent and it’s not fair to the people who work with SHINee and are affected by his passing to assume their intentions are for the worst and purely motived by money. You can’t be upset one moment when Jonghyun is excluded from merch then attack the company and accuse them of using his death for money in another. Don’t forget that this is how SHINee makes a living and it was their decision to stay together and they have a lot of control over their activities. 

Get #TheStoryofLight trending instead of this mess because you are going to hurt SHINee more than you’ll prove a point to UMJ. If you don’t want it don’t buy it

May 18 2018


this comeback proves it. shinee didn’t just invent pearl aqua. shinee invented all colors. shinee is color. all colors belong to shinee. everyone else can go home


You: purple

Me, an intellectual: pantone 525c


I will love and support SHINee unconditionally with every breath I take and I will hype the fuck out of any new music they release but do not for a second think that I’m not fucking destroyed seeing four people standing there.

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수고했어요 정말 고생했어요
그댄 나의 자랑이죠


you worked so hard, love. rest a bit.

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Now that’s just…I’m done…👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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may 18th. the title track to shinee’s second mini album, “로미오 (juliette)”, was released nine years ago today. "로미오 (juliette)“ marked jonghyun’s debut as a songwriter, as he wrote the primary lyrics of the song (while minho wrote the rap), and the first of two times that he wrote the lyrics for a promotional single for shinee.

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WOW…so that’s what the shapes are…..

cr: @jinkinobum

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Cr: @shot6v6shot

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May 17 2018

3370 1961


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may 17th. two years ago today began the teaser cycle for jonghyun’s first full length album, she is.

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Why am I hearing that the album will weight 1.5 kgs???????? What?????

3410 a25e

May 16 2018

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beethoven listening the legendary album odd, oil on canvas-1819

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(180516) Minho was spotted at SMTown museum. He was wearing a black mask, eyes extremely big and extremely tall too.
© jhyolucas   translation: iheartshinee_

“I saw Minho. I was looking at the exhibits and suddenly the door opened and he took a peek and went out. For a moment I thought he appeared from some VR place.”
© dodnmollymoak    translation: cosmicsticks

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The Story of Light:

This is our joint history, which is already 10 years old 💎💎💎💎💎

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